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At the moment, more than 160 machines have been sold throughout France.

Ask us for our customers’ contact details by phone 00 33 (0)5 65 45 28 54,
fax 00 33 (0)5 65 45 24 64
or e-mail contact@aeroservices.fr

Seen in Vol Moteur N° 281; July 2009 :
"SG 10 A > La performance au meilleur prix ! par Philippe Tisserant
Avec une vitesse de pointe qui frise les 220 km/h, la dernière version du Guépard offre un rapport prix/performance exceptionnel pour un appareil vendu clés en main. Gâteau sur la cerise, malgré son aile rigide, il reste parfaitement dans les poids même équipé de tous ses accessoires, instruments de vol et de navigation...."
Lire l'article complet au format PDF (440ko).

Seen in ULM Info N° 70, December 2009 :
"Retour aux sources
...Nous avons choisi de faire notre couverture avec un appareil produit par un grand constructeur français d'ulm trois axes dits performants qui a produit récemment une machine basique tournée loisir simple et peu chère. Cela existe aussi. ..."


Voir les essais sur ULMag (www.ulmag.fr
"Jean-Daniel Roman a créé une marque d'ULM qui s'est progressivement imposée comme référence auprès des clubs et des particuliers. La gamme se compose de cinq modèles et de nombreuses variantes..."

Seen in Volez ! (www.volez.comN° 105 de juillet 2006 :
"Super Guépard Jabiru: it is promising, it can go the distance!
Equipped with the new Australian engine block and slotted flaps, this real UL aircraft remains light in weight but is more efficient and comfortable than ever. Stability, easy piloting, control in turbulent air and safety are some of its many characteristics..."

Seen in Vol Moteur  N° 226, February 2005:
"The expert’s opinion:
The Guépy. What can be said?, everything is well-made, the device and its engine have a very clean aspect, it is easy to taxi, it turns short, it is as powerful as the aircrafts equipped with a Rotax 912 engine are, it takes-off short, it does not stall violently, it cruises at 140 Km/h without flogging the engine, and it lands short, all this in comfort and at a price which remains affordable.
Aéro Services Guépard is a Reliable company with excellent after sales service. It seems to us that this business is destined for great things… !"

Seen in Volez ! N° 23, 1999
"Aéroservices: …The company’s future is now guided by the aim to design a range of ultralights that will satisfy demanding customers with or without a large budget …"

Seen in Volez! N° 37, 2000
"…the Guépy Jabiru model tested with standard equipment weights 255.5 Kg. That leaves – even with 50 L of fuel – enough room to bring a passenger whilst still respecting regulations …"

Seen in Mondial de l'Aviation
Guépard 912. Two side-by-side seats made of welded truss tubing for the fuselage and riveted plate for the wing. Good aerodynamic choices ensure excellent performances for this classic-style ultralight. The flaps and ailerons are separated surfaces. Excellent value for money".

Seen in Aile magazine
There is no doubt about it, Aéroservices Guépard does not have to invest in leaflets and ludicrous comments to sell its machines: word of mouth will quickly saturate its production capacity."

Seen in Vol moteur
"Thanks to the Guépy, Jean-Daniel Roman will satisfy all pilots who dream of an airplane-style ultralight but cannot afford to invest huge sums in their hobbies. The performances are very good, especially at low speeds, which will enable the pilot to land on fields as easily as with an ultralight trike.

Seen in Spot N° 57, 1999
"The aluminium fits a wing profile that remains stable at a minimum speed, making it possible to land on a field while ensuring top speeds of 200 km/h, the dream of many pilots!"

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