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French construction

One of the suppliers of Aéro Services Guépard is the Flight Plan company located in Gaillac(www.rcp-fr.com), an aerospace industry subcontractor, which subcontracts plane-type wings in aluminium 2024 (aviation industry standard) for our company, a guarantee of seriousness and safety.


The aviation aluminium 2017 T3 tubes are checked and anodized. They are obtained from Pechiney Aviatube orThyssen (www.thyssenfrance.com)..


The 4130 steel tubes which comply with the aviation industry standards, are obtained from Plymouth Tube Corporation.

Our know-how enables us to weld according to the TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding method using argon.

The covering fabric, Diatex 1500 kg (www.diatex.fr) is made from a polyester fiber known as "dacron" and it is also checked by Bureau Veritas.

The excellent quality of Rotax (www.avirex.com) or Jabiru (www.jabiru.net.au) engines is well-known; the same is true forKarine Boveroux (www.kbi-ul.com) flight instruments.

Finally, this web page would not be complete without citing ULM Technologie (http://www.ulmtechnologie.com/).

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